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Combretum Caffrum

Genus: Combretum
Species: C. Caffrum
Family: Combretaceae
Common names: Bushwillow tree

Combretum caffrum is the Eastern Cape South African Bushwillow tree.

Medicinal Use:
A variety of anti-cancer compounds called combretastatins are found within the tree bark of combretum caffrum the most potent of which is combretastatin CA-4[citation needed]. Combretastatins bind to the protein tubulin which is essential to cytoskeletal architecture, intercellular transport, cell migration, wound healing, and mitotic spindle development for chromosome segregation and cell division. A member of the mitotic inhibitor class of anti-cancer drugs, combretastatin disrupts tumor blood vessel networks by constricting blood supply to tumours.

The bark of the Eastern Cape Bush Willow (COMBRETUM CAFFRUM) is combined with a number of other herbs, together they form a formidable anti-cancer treatment.

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