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Schinus Molle

Genus: Schinus
Species: S. Molle
Family: Anacardiaceae
Common names: Peruvian Pepper, American Pepper

Schinus molle are better known as either Peruvian Pepper or American pepper. This tree grows up to about 15 m and is native to the Peruvian Andes. Despite the fact that Schnius molle is not related to the true pepper tree, it's bright pink fruit are sold as peppercorns.

Medicinal Use:
Schinus molle has mostly been used for it's antibacterial and antiseptic properties to treat infections and wounds. Further uses are for toothache, rheumatism, mesntrual disorders and also as an antidepressent.

It has also been speculated that S. molle's insecticidal properties can be used as an alternative to synthetic chemicals in pest control.

General Information:
Schinus molle frows up to about 50 feet tall and to about 30 feet wide. It's male and female flowers grows on seperate trees. The flowers are white, small and hangs on droopy branches. When the bark, berries or leaves are bruised, it has an aromatic smell.

The fruit used to be boiled down to a syrup and the Inca made a fruit drink from the sweet outer parts of the berries. The berries are also mixed with true pepper and sold on the commercial market.

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